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Complete Engineering Solutions


AAA Engineering was founded in 1989 to provide engineering consulting services to south-western Ontario. Since then we have grown and currently we are servicing business across Ontario and throughout the world. AAA Engineering is known worldwide for delivery excellence in the field of engineering consulting services.

Tire Recycling Machinery

The AAA Engineering debeaders are the only machines of their kind available on the market today for tire de-beading, because they utilize today’s latest technology.

AAA ERP Software

The AAA ERP – Enterprise Resourse Planning Suite of Programs serves to manage your business from central area with computerized data for all in your company.

We are confident that whatever your needs, a complete design package or manufacture of the final product, we will satisfy them.

Our Expertise

Professional Engineering

Progressive and Professional Mechanical and Automation System Design..

 System Integration

Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical and Software System Integration..

 Stress Analysis

Engineering Physics and Mathematics Modeling, Finite Element Stress Analysis and Testing

Software Development

Computer Software Development and CAD/CAE Consulting