AAA ERP Software

The AAA ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning Suite of Programs serves to manage your business from central area with computerized data for all in your company.

The AAA ERP Suite of Programs serves to manage your business from central area with computerized data for all in your company. It excels in Enterprise Resource Planning with strong emphasis on Engineering, company wide components management and extra strong PLM – Product Lifecycle Management and document control. It can manage separately multiple companies and plants with different and common data.

There are four main modules:

  • Engineering
  • Purchasing, Manufacturing, Distribution, Service and Costing
  • Business, People, Products and Web
  • Time and Expense Tracking

These modules contain many submodules with extensive functionality to meet your needs with special attention to accuracy, cost, ease of operation and ISO.
They generate and exchange data between all nodules with strict user access security control by program administration security and tracking of the AAA ERP use by users.

AAA ERP Engineering

AAA ERP Engineering is the heart of the AAA ERP program and its database.

Similar to familiar Windows explorer, it serves to define hierarchical relations of hundreds of thousands of items, information, raw materials, documents, assemblies, products and people. It describes quantities, cut lengths, machine allowances, raw materials, locations on your hard drives, locations on your shop floor etc. It calculates weights and costs of the single items and complex assemblies based on assembly definition. As a document manager it manages your documents, tracks revisions and users creating new, or editing old documents of various kinds and relationship.

Few notes:

  • Bidirectional associativity with many engineering software, such as SolidWorks, Solid Edge and Autocad.
  • Full component, document and other data database management.
  • Automated Item Number and Item Number revision generation.
  • Windows Explore style previews and functionality with security control system.
  • Engineering Change Request and Revision Management.
  • ‘Where used’ data search.
  • Multiple custom Item Number assembly and Item Number data reports.
  • Reports with export to other programs and formats, to email and other.
  • Multiple avenue search and sub search.
  • Component library tracking and search.
  • Item use feedback.
  • Bi-directional data exchange between AAA ERP various CAD software.
  • Automated cloning (copying) of large assemblies, its components and related documents with full control.
  • Automated batch data import to CAD file properties and title blocks.
  • Automated CAD drawing batch printing with export to PDF, DWG and DXF formats.
  • Drag and drop to CAD and back to AAA ERP.
  • Multiple data entry, search, queries and preview forms with color coding of search results.
  • Batch printing, export and Pack and Go functionality with CD label printing.
  • Item Number locking for On-site/Off-site team cooperation and data exchange with reconciliation.
  • Item Number memo notepad for large team information flow.
  • Bills of Materials history tracking.
  • Engineering document distribution tracking for ISO.

Business, People, Products and Web

Manage people personal and professional data, companies and organizations, products and services and their internet data and exposure. Search and query data, print reports and stationery, find and record data from the web. Find data on the web directly from the AAA ERP.


Production module is divided to following sub modules:

  • Purchasing
  • Receiving
  • Returns
  • Work Orders and Assembling / Production Progress and Flo
  • Sales

It manages receiving, returns, work orders, assembling and production progress and flow.
AAA ERP Production functionality allows you calculate your material requirement needs, cost, generate many reports based on the Bills of the Materials, inventory of assemblies and components and activity on the company floor and other departments.

Just to mention Purchasing sub module only, there are many reports such as:

  • Job Number Purchase Order Totals by Product
  • Monthly Purchase Order Totals by Product
  • Monthly Purchase Order Totals by Supplier
  • Purchase Order Detail Totals – Daily
  • Purchase Order Detail Totals – Job Number
  • Purchase Order Detail Totals – Monthly
  • Purchase Order Items Not Received – By Item
  • Purchase Order Items Not Received – By Supplier
  • Purchase Order Items Overdue – By Item
  • Purchase Order Items Overdue – By Supplier
  • Purchase Order Product Analysis by Mont
  • Purchase Order Supplier Analysis by Month
  • Purchase Order Totals – Daily
  • Total Period Purchases by Product and more

Time Tracking and Billing

Time Tracking and Billing keeps eye on the cost time and money spend, related to your single components and their assemblies all the way to the highest level of your project data.

General Description

Accounting, Manufacturing, Distribution, Services and Costing

Businesses, People, Products and Web

Time and Expense Tracking

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