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The AAA Engineering debeaders are the only machines of their kind available on the market today for tire de-beading, because they utilize today’s latest technology.

The AAA Engineering debeaders are the only machines of their kind available on the market today for tire de-beading.
Why? Because they utilize today’s latest technology.
We have specifically designed our machines to outperform our competitor’s products and to give our customers a real financial return on their investment.
AAA Engineering sells two debeader models based on the tire size to be processed. The Standard Debeader has been designed to debead car and truck tires including super singles. The Large Debeader can process the same tire sizes as the Standard Debeader and extra-large construction and mining machinery tires.
In addition to our exclusivity in our extra-large tire debeading, we also lead in high production rates, ease of the machine operation and control, consistency, reliability and operator safety.

The AAA Engineering debeaders utilize the most current, state of the art electronic controls and hydraulic power technology and mechanical systems.

We have incorporated a programmable logic controller with a load sensing, pressure compensating hydraulic system and positioning of the various components. This system allows for automatic tire debeading while conserving energy.

The automatic debead mode is a standard feature on each machine that we build.
This means no operator is required to manipulate any hydraulic levers and is free to monitor the overall process.

Should the operator be required to manually control the machine?

That is no problem as manual override is a standard feature.
Another characteristic which you will find on our AAA Engineering debeaders is safe automatic discharge of the steel beads from the pull hook assembly. No operator’s hands are required to remove the extracted steel beads from the hook assembly.

On our machines the extracted steel beads fall safely out of harm’s way and after a period the accumulated beads can easily be collected for relocation.
The debeaders utilize three cylinders for its direct clamp function thereby ensuring no bead slippage during the debead process.

The automatic tire leveling feature, which raises the tires into position for debeading can be expanded to incorporate both an automatic tire feeding and discharge system as an option. This option would greatly reduce operator fatigue and increase the overall production of the machine.

All the above features of our debeaders contribute to high productivity, reliability and safety for our customers. We at AAA Engineering strive for excellence in everything that we design and build.

You can count on us for true innovations in our engineered solutions. So, let us help you on your rubber recycling project.

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your tire debeading requirements or any other design needs.

We would like to thank you for your interest in our products.

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